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Hi guys, I'm an idiot. This group is for discussion of the book series Ranger's Apprentice Stop wasting your time and join. OR DIE!
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 Teh rules of teh forum

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PostSubject: Teh rules of teh forum   Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:54 pm

Here are some rules.

1. No severe profanity. Damn and ass are ok. Punishment ranges from a warning to a 7 day ban depending on the context and the word used.

2. Don't talk about religion or politics that do not relate to the book. Yes, you can talk about religions from the book series, or politics that relate to the book series. No real life religion politics (like Christianity vs Atheism) and no real life politicial issues (like Obama vs Mitt Romney).

3. No hatefulness! Homophobia, racism, sexism, and other forms of hate are not allowed.

4. No sexual references or drug/alcohol references. This is a site for everyone, and I want to keep it that way.

5. No scamming. Don't tell anyone your password, even if a reward is promised. Scammers will be punished, but you will not be given back your stuff if you get scammed.

6. No blatant advertising of other websites. Feel free to say "meet me at blablabla.com" but don't say "Join blablabla.com it is an excellent site"

7. Don't be rude to other users. Feel free to disagree but don't make the feel bad for thinking something different.

8. No horrible grammar. I could care less about mild mistakes, but don't intentionally make your text hard to read. "Dnt talk lik dis or l1k3 th15" This colunts as spam. (see rule 9)

9. No spamming. don't post stuff like this. "hi" It has no point at all.

Thanks for reading these rules!
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Teh rules of teh forum
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